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Terms and Conditions

Like for Like

Replacement fan with light must be in the same location as a previous fan or light fitting and able to use the same wiring to a wall switch to be used to control the unit or as an isolation switch for units using a remote control.


Light for Fan

Fan must be in the same location and able to use the same wiring and connections/configurations as the old fan or light. Allowing the old fan or light to be disconnected and the replacement fan to be installed using the current wiring.


New Installation

Any installations where there is no current fan or light fitting in the desired location is classed as a “new installation”

2hrs of labour

Up to 8 metres of electrical cabling

If you require a new fan to be installed where there is no current light fitting or fan, please select that option from our “Book Install” homepage.


General Terms and Conditions

If your fan has a wall control, it will require connection to an existing power point.


Compliance Requirements

Switchboards must meet current Australian standard for main switchboards. If your switchboard does not meet the current standard, work cannot commence. We can provide pricing to upgrade your switchboard to the current standard.


Existing wiring must meet current compliance standards

If additional parts or work is required to complete your installation, the Electrician will bill you directly.



No mounting supports

More wiring required

Extra products needed (plugs, switches, fuses etc)

Installation does not include:

Patching & painting of ceiling

Disposal of packaging

Disposal of old fan


This installation price covers a 20km travel radius of your location, if no technician can be located within 20km you will be contacted by our friendly customer service team to discuss your options.


If your new fan installations require a certificate of electrical compliance you will be required to pay your technician $30+gst directly at the time of install for this.

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